Planning and Execution of MSP OpenDays


The main focus of the event was based on working effectively. The event was planned and organised by our DUG lead in Microsoft India, on a beautiful Sunday morning between 10AM and 2pm. The agenda planned for the day was as follows:

1. Duration

The question like
For what term you are chosen as an MSP?
Uptill when can I be an MSP?
Can I extend my MSP tag next year also?
and other related question were answered.

2. Gain

The advantages of being an MSP. The kiddos were explained what exactly they are supposed to do, to get maximum out of the MSP-programme. We had a motivational speech by an ex-MSP who has mentored me throughout my tenure. It included how to select one of the tracks from Windows Phone 8 Dev, Windows 8 Dev, Web Dev, JavaScript Dev, Azure Dev, Natural User Interface Dev and for all these tracks there are resources provided to you by MSFT. So choose whichever interest you most and start researching. The earlier you start the better your personal development is going to be.

3. Activity 

The various activities which happens all over India including how we successfully pulled off DreamSpark Yatra, the ImagineCup events and the other college activities. Maintain a healthy relationship with the fellow MSPs and keep the gears rolling all the time.

4. Microsoft Expectations

The Microsoft expects each MSP in the community to learn and interact with the new technologies. It gives you access to the MSDN Ultimate, Virtual Academy, PluralSight, and various other similar portals which gives you an edge above the rest of your colleagues to build up your resume. Hence, MSFT has empowered us with great source of knowledge resources. Its now in our hands on how do we use it successfully.

5. Career

Here we discussed nothing more than how to crack the Microsoft exam and be a Microsoftee.

6. Presentations

This, according to me was the most important session of all. We, as students, are amateur in presenting.
What one needs to do is see the videos of NOT very great speakers, but of great PRESENTERS. What I mean is, do not try to take over the content and recreate their slides, because when they present their stuff their audience are on a different level. They are developers, evangelists, professionals. But, what we need to understand is that, our audience is student community. So whatever we teach needs be understood. The very important skill while presenting is to focus on keeping it fun, simple, interesting and always keep the conversation two ways. 

7. Bootcamp

Exactly, what happens at Bootcamp, what happened at (Goa), what happened at (Bangalore) and

DAYTime- A great opportunity to connect with the speakers and get yourself highlighted and put forth any of your concerns regarding    the community.

NIGHTTime- Well, for all the MSPs who has attended any of the bootcamp knows that people hardly sleep. Well, for the people who have not attended any bootcamp…only one thing can be said about the works of MSP past DAYTime…its classified

8. Responsibilities

“With great power, comes great responsibilities”. “The student needed to know what exactly are they suppose to do. The problems faced within a college to get permissions. How to follow the correct channel to keep the process fast. And what is their role among their students community.
Over here the kiddos(junior MSPs) were explained how to manage time between your college  and the community. Thee aim was to teach them Time-Management and keep a perfect balance and gain maximum of both the worlds.
We learnt that all the events we conduct in any college needs to be communicated across all the MSPs of that region so that no discripancies take place. The very soul of the whole Open Days was to get across a very serious message across. “Whenever you think for Development keep in mind to do a POSITIVE development. If the consequences are going to be negative , you rather not do it ”

9. TechEd

We got to know that its a beautiful bouquet with various tracks and amazing speakers. Also, how to get into TechEd by getting the maximum discount.


Everyone got to make friends, learn about the community and how it performs and WHO to more than HOW to interact in the community. The event was a great success and I wish i could have reached there sooner. Thankyou all the MSP who invested their time and came on a Sunday morning. To all those who dint make, better luck next time. Wish you all the best for you future. Next event coming up is- WINDOWS 8 APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT. Hope to see all of you sooner.

MSP Open Days 2013-03-10
MSP Open Days 2013-03-10

I am still wondering when would be the Microsoft Student Partners site be live again. Its been a while since we have submitted our activities.


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