#JDevDay & MSP Open Days 10-03-2013

#Sunday Morning woke-up at 7. Tough job for any developer.
I left home at 9 and reached #JDevDay by 10:30
I was the first speaker for the day with the topic “Hybrid and Cross-Platform Application Development over Mobile Platform”.
Got really disappointed seeing that the crowd was low in number.
Finally, i started the session at 10:50 with very few ppl sitting in the room.
but enjoyed it thoroughly by the end of the lecture and i believe so did the audience.
The organisers gave me a momento as well.
Then I started my journey to Microsoft office for the MSP Open Days.
There we had already begun with MSP Open Days.
The event had already started at 10 but i reached thr by 1PM.
There first of all i gave my introduction and then, i gave a little session about how to conduct events and to keep doing positive development.
Soon after we had a ice-breaker session and the group photograph.
Some of the facebook comments about the event.
Had an awesome start as an msp…… microsoft……..Thanks for the guidance given by Mvp Sir, Rishu sir, Kunal D sir, & Shantanu Sir….
Had an awesome day witl all the msp’s.
Got a chance to meet senior as well as new msp’s. The motivational speech by KDM sir, the experiences shared by M.v. Priyank sir and Rishu Mehra sir were awesome….
And thanks to Rishu sir and Preeti Gupta, got an intro about all the msp’s i haven’t even met… 😛 — at Microsoft India.
Such a nice day with all the msp’s………………
Had fun and learnt many things from them ……………from their experiences which they shared (by M.v. Priyank sir and Rishu Mehra sir). And valuable things told by KDM sir and Shantanu Chandra sir……………:)-at Microsoft India
Later we went to food-court downstairs and had loads of fun and food…
I clicked a great shots there as well. We finally sat in an auto to depart from Microsoft and came back home.
On the way back a policeman caught me taking the pics within a metro station and scolded me.
That was the interesting part, something which I had never experienced before, and neither do i want to.
I reached back home at 5:30PM, took a couple of snacks and fruits and straight away headed to bed.
I was too tired and slept like a slog for almost an hour.
Woke up after an hour with my batteries recharged and running till $AM #RightNow

MSP Open Days
MSP Open Days #Delhi 2013

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