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Why you need MSPs

The following technologies are focused on what the students are not taught as a part of their curriculum and which would help a normal Computer Science or an Information Technology student to get an edge over the others. They are beneficial specially in your interview.
And the following are the topics which we(Microsoft Student Partner Community) can help you with.

  1. Windows 8 Overview
  2. Windows 8 Development (XAML + C#)
  3. HTML 5 + CSS
  4. Cloud Computing (Azure)
  5. Windows Phone 8 Development
  6. Internet Explorer 10
  7. Natural User Interface (Kinect)
  8. Smart-work with Visual Studio
  9. Use Social Sites in a +ve Way
  10. Use of DreamSpark Account
  11. What you don’t know about Microsoft Office
  12. How to become a Microsoft Student Partners

Generally, we follow the following (could be said as a demo):

Plan Of Action
  1. Each session is of 1 hour and a minimum of 50 attendee is must
  2. Agenda is flexible
    If we plan a day-long event this is how a standard agenda looks like:

    Time Session
    9:00-9:30 Keynote
    9-30-10:30 Windows 8 Overview
    10:30-11:30 Windows 8 Development (XAML + C#)
    11:30-11:45 Break
    11:45-12:45 HTML 5
    12:45-13:45 Windows Phone 8 Development
    13:45-15:00 Natural User Interface (Kinect)
    15:00-16:00 Use Social Sites in a +ve Way
    16:00-17:00 How to become a Microsoft Student Partners
The only resources we look for are:
  1. Dates:
    Fridays and Weekends would be preferable.
  2. Organising Team:
    We need a group of students who will help us conduct the event. They would also help us in publicity through social media and other forms prior to the event.
  1. Who are Microsoft Student Partners?
    Microsoft Student Partners are social, friendly and approachable students who like to meet new people. MSPs are the game changers of the future. Many go forth to create innovative solutions that address the world’s toughest challenges. They think and act boldly.
  2. What is in it for you?
    The student of your college will understand the current requirements of the industry. It would help them get prepared for the existing world of technologies.
    Learn the benefits of getting DreamSpark Premium Account.

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