8th Feb 2013–BSAITM Microsoft Techdays

8th Feb 2013–BSAITM Microsoft Techdays

Had fun giving “Windows 8 Overview” presentation to the students and the CSe teachers at BSAITM, Faridabad. (twice)
My session was just after the opening keynote and the people loved the session. I got a rating between 8.5-9.0
Since my session was the first, I planned to keep it interesting. I had reached the venue an hour before and clicked pics of the campus. The presentation started with the pics I clicked representing how easy and fast it was to transfer and view them. Then we moved on to the following agenda;

•Fast Boot & Secure Boot
•Picture Password
•Metro Style UI, Touch & ARM Support
•Windows Store
•Native USB 3.0 Support
•Windows Explorer & Data Management Enhancements
•Windows to Go

The event was divided into pre-lunch and post-lunch sessions with different set of audience. Hence, i repeated my presentation post lunch as well.

Feedback which flabbergasted and made me happy:


I thank all the organizers and the two MSPs (Roopa, Vikas) to conduct the event beautifully and creating the event a great success.


My assessment is that the students want to learn and enjoy development/technology. But the historical-management does not consider the upcoming advancements.This event was first of its kind. I believe they have long way to get along with the today’s standards.

They have great infrastructure but seems like someone lost their vision. The library is great but the books need to be updated.
Also, its a great location for organizing a cultural events. Specially, I could visualize rock climbing on one of the nearby sites.

Overall, I loved the organisation and the students and enjoyed the stay. The students told me that they have over all 40 buses pouring in every morning all the way from Delhi and surrounding places. I, myself, took a bus from Subhash Chowk, Sohna Road and it took around 1.5 hrs to reach college. This shows how passionate students are towards learning. Although, I would mention that students seemed unhappy with the management, but who isn’t…rit?

I would say that it was a Friday well spent. I made great friends and enjoyed every second of the adventure. I would love revisiting you guys anytime.


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