I A’m Gonna Miss My College Days

A sis asked me
“Tell me about college. I have always wanted to know about the college life”

and i replied

its a whole lot different experience
u get to explore stuff
u get to know people
and a lot more people
the decision which parents took for u… you have to take them on your own

the next question was
“Remember the first day?”

yeah the first day …
cant forget the feeling
all alone without any friends … or parental support
my dad had left early morning.. saw his eyes getting numb for the first time in my lifetime

I just had a schedule in my hand
and a bag on my back
left hostel, reached college after a quick breakfast and searched for my room
sat down
all of them scared just like me and staring at the door to find their friends …
the teacher came in and introduced himself and then took our intro
then we learnt each other’s names
eventually we made some friends in the break and then we giggled about the accent the teacher had …

and the life moved on…and now I am out of college without even realizing where did my past 3.5 year go.
and now I am going to make new friends and meet new people

“those were the best days of my life”

naaah….i have had better(10:26 6/11/2015) and I am still hoping for better. That’s what keeps me going.


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