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Series of Blog Post

Everyone wants their story to be told but not everyone’s story is heard. And I feel this fits my description perfectly. I have great mentors at the place I am interning and they have helped me figure out a way to write my technical blog-posts in a defined order. Its called the “Content Style”; simply put, “how to write a series of technical blog-post” .

1. What and why are you doing.

2. On what are you doing it.

3. Architecture of the system

4. Enhancements planned
4.1 Improving User Experience
4.2 Improving functionality
4.3 Improving performance
4.4 Multi-platform support

5. How are you going to do it.

6. Recurring [Current -> New]

7. Revisiting your enhancements planned (Review)

Well this is the method I am going to follow. Seems feasible and easy to implement.


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