Crazy Friday Plan

The adventure started at 5pm when I woke up from a bizarre dream of a summer’s afternoon sleep. Leaving the dream aside I fueled the thought of my room-mate to get out of the campus and have fun as we were totally bored since it was a holiday for Eid and planned a trip to Hanging bridge. The auto said it would take Rs.400 from within the campus so we went outside and the auto guy settled at a decent fare of Rs. 230 and hence we confirmed our travel. But half-way when we reached the Aashirwaad theater we stopped the auto because it was already very dark so we decided to watch a movie. When we reached the ticket counter we learned that the movie was already half-way so finally we took a bus and went to other theater where we saw Ajab Ghajab Love and it was a one-time movie…meaning not good not bad types. After that we couldn’t find auto outside for around 15 minutes and dint get a bus from the bus-stand but we somehow managed to get to our campus…and ate in night-canteen and back in room..

In all I really enjoyed this unplanned evening 🙂


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