The Epic Day

You are probably thinking what was so great about the day…well its just that I got a new LCD screen for my laptop for free after making a lot of calls on the toll free number. Although, I am still unhappy about the hinges not getting replaced but its manageable. So, I was asked to bring the laptop today itself because they had to “close the call” basically today was the last day of me getting it done. So I went in the afternoon and reached just in time before they close in for dinner and gave them my laptop. They removed the battery and told to collect it in the evening before 5pm. So I called a friend in KMC making a plan to meet in the evening. After the AIT lab where we had to complete some complex programs I rushed to Lenovo Care to collect my laptop and I succeeded.

I met my friend at 5pm and a couple of her friends too… then we all went to Shenoy’s and they took Maggie, coffee and i took cold chocolate. Then the rest of the friends left and only one who remained was ‘a friend”.I got my umbrella but she did not notice so I had to make it obvious,  also she lied to her mom 4 times on the phone about her health and food, I again was purred by cats around and we talked about how do I check out girls and what keeps me interesting. We had a couple of moments there.We kept chatting for long hours till 8:40pm and then decided to get out from there.After leaving form there we went to FC due to nature’s call and then we simply entangled our fingers into each other’s until next destination.

The next destination was BQ Canteen where we both had egg-paratha and I really enjoyed it.  I would suggest it to all my friends. There we enjoyed some funny discussions about random stuff.

Then we went to our “favorite spot”(shall be referred in the sequel ) which is surrounded by walls from three side and is facing to Sharda(girls’ block). There after a while a held her hand and enjoyed every moment of it. And everytime I got a call from Harshita about when was I going to come to meet them in FC,MIT I moved closer to “a friend” and the feeling kept growing until I pseudo hugged her and was able to do so without my hesitation… Awesome

Well you know what they say “Good things come to those who wait”

I told her the Bangalore bus story, then the school eloping, theft and Tweety story and there was always a reciprocation or similarity between our stories. We talked about our pets which included my parrots and her dogs, cats, parrots, etc. Sometime around that I wondered into the lost memories of 5th sem foreigner friends and the special case of swimming pool with Diana.  And yeah,  now I am not going to forget about the cheek rest teddy, dolphin mate and strawberry hug 🙂 I was so close that I could smell her mild perfume only at times which she might have put in the morning. I was this close to a person in a long time and I have “loved” every moment of it. Then finally I had my arms around her waist, and for a change to the normal Bollywood scene ,she kept me from cold as I was shivering with the chills in my spine.

Finally, she asked me the time and it was 11:01 pm…lol…just about the right time for us to apart for the day and so she saw her hostel gates closing closing the she towards there removing the formal hug/kiss situation which was slowly creeping in…yay…

Finally I reached my room at 11:30 and have a completely new story about the Rajesh sir coming to my room “apparently he is the teacher who I keep taking panga with…” but with a completely different reason though.

I am writing this lying on my bed and I never thought that this would happen to me…I always saw couples around and imagined all those stuff happening to me and it was a dream…but dreams do come true…Le…me talking for hours 5 to be exact is really an achievement…and i thought that it might have been a one time thing on the phone but in person from 5 to 11 pm removes all the doubts from my heart…and now I am in peace with myself.


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