Model Poonam Pandey to go nude if India wins Cup…

A link about how insane can a person go…


she has absolutely changed my mind-set for Indian girls…

I totally agree that she has her right but, then who is going to protect our public rights??? I am writing this blog not to promote girls like Poonam Pandey… I hate women how has no sense of right and wrong…


Why do you think a model (not so famous) will be boasting such a comment and that also through IBN… the only reason that justifies her action is that she is desperate to be famous… being a teenager and being able to understand the whole mind-set of  Gen-X, I have the gift to comprehend them through a new direction(see the truth, this witty world wants to hide form us)

Thus, I would like Poonam Pandey to personally justify her feelings/actions to me and to the Indian public and to all those whose moral stature has been hindered through the inappropriate action taken by you…I only want to know why you want to go nude or what was your inner feelings when you made such a comment…was it content/anger/politics/self-pleasure/self-respect/nation-wide popularity/you want someone in the cricket team to notice you/you are stupid…

No Heart Feelings


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