I need a bigger, better, advanced and sophisticated notebook to demonstrate myself the physical applications that my brain has been thinking of and to prove myself right…

I need to blow the guts out of myself and need to take the risks that i have been avoiding till now…

I need to stand up for myself and that is the best thing i would do in years…i like to talk about gadgets and play with them…i want to be a Parapheraliatic-Critic (even if thats not a phrase) so be it… i want to live the life on the edge and so be it… i don’t want to live the life in the cage or the cave and don’t even know why am i afraid of the noises outside the cave… i couldn’t even figure out if i have explored myself in totality… i don’t know even if there is a single person who would make me feel happy from within…would love me and wouldn’t change a thing about me…its just too pathetic for me to keep hearing from people to improve…No more improvements…only thee perfection is gonna come out of me now…whosoever be it for that matter… i want to be the best…i can be the best…i am the BEST…

and…I wanna be ME…so FUCK-OFF if you don’t like the way i am…beacause that is who you are gonna deal with from now on…its enough trying to be what others want me to be…its time to stop making friends and befriending the world…its enough of party,,,time to drink straight from the glass of our own creation…its time to see what I can make out of my own self… and i am sure its will be something this world hasn’t seen yet…something creative,,,something beautiful…

I am awake and gonna face the world…be ready to face me head-on…


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