Story of my Life!!!

I know what I have done to score marks in my 1st sessions…the perspiration throughout the night, the whole day in the room without eating continuously for 2 day, those finishing off biscuits packets in desparation, asking Mantri to fill the bottle for me…

and still I couldnt score marks…dont know what else does it take to score good marks in MIT…

i hope i could do better this time, sessional is in 5days and i havnt started anything…last time I started 2 weeks before the sessional and still couldnt get achieve anything…i have completely lost hope in myself and so has my parents…
Now i dont know who has hope left in me and where to get strength from…but still i just have a Dream to support me in this lonely world…
i am hoping that life would make it a lot easier for me this sessional…


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