Yu toh mein…batalaata nahin…

At my room today…
I think i was in the middle of the dream at 7:02am this morning…even though i slept at 11 last night still i was still deep asleep…i guess one of my dreams was something related to earthquake…that i was running down my hostel floors in a middle of an earthquake…and Anuj,a boy in my class brought up the same topic…may be just a coincidence…

But today, the most absurd thing happened to me…Generally my room-mate gets up first and goes to washroom and so did it happen today…but what was really intense was that i felt myself waking up at home…and i actually felt my mom sleeping next to me and then waking…i felt such PEACE…even if it jst took me 5ms to realise that my mom wasnt next to me and that i wasnt at home…
Now I truly understand the meaning of true peace…Peace is not what u get at Ramdev baba’s ashram,but when keeping your head at mother’s lap…:)

My mom is the best…cook, teacher, painter, initiator, house-maker and so on and so forth..mom you rock my world and there is not a single day, when i dont want to hear your voice into my ears… 🙂

Love you Ma!!


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