The Republic Day Special

I was all ready to go to the Flag hoisting but due to my room-mate I got delayed and so I couldn’t go…since we were dressed up we went for the breakfast… there I met Cassy and one more Indian friend of hers… I introduced Shreekant to her… after her breakfast I accompanied her till her block and she wanted to take a walk so we took a round from the library-route…we walked as we were walking…then she went to her hostel and I came back to my room and slept till Mantri asked me to go and take lunch…
Today, we had a national holiday so I wanted to go to Turtle-Bay, which is 2hrs north form here. But the plan cancelled because Cassy was invited to the movie by the Asst. Director (I guess) to the bollywood-movie named Dhobi-Ghat…He had arranged for the car and we had to meet him at the KMC food court at 3:30pm.
I thought that since they were foreigners, the university would make some arrangements such as subtitles or something else but nothing of that sort happened…I even had to stand in the queue under the scorching sun for 15 minutes just for the tickets…beat that…even the tickets were not pre-booked… I saw Aishwarya, a girl from my class, with one of her friends who had also come to see the movie… the name of the theatre was Aashirwad.
Anyways, so…we entered the theatre and there were no ACs…AashirwadI was already hating that place…It was huge though…I sat between Cassy and Dan…I dint enjoy the movie at all…I did have fun translating it though…it was my first time at narration…
After the movie we left the car at China-Valley and then the girls decided to check-out the Profile (beauty parlour) and two of the girls went in to get their thing done…and the rest of us walked to the End-Point…Cassy and Dan stopped at the football ground and Diana, Emma and I went till the sunset point… we even met Marcella and Stella on the way …it was really quiet and peaceful out there…I even took some snaps there…then we headed backwards and saw Cassy sitting all alone at the bench…we picked her up and we came back to China-Valley, had our dinner and walked all the way to KC…walking after dinner was never so fun till today…I actually was so lost in my conversation that I lost the way…I wanted to reach Valley-View but reached TC instead…anyways then I went to attend the SEC meeting but it was delayed so came back and a long chat with Cassy and othrs… then they went back to their hostel and I called up to check if the meeting was still there and its delayed till tomorrow…
In all I had the best Republic Day of my life, other than the fact that I couldn’t even attend the flag-hoisting at KMC…


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