New Era of my Life…

I had the time of my life yesterday… Today was the first day I came back to my room after the curfew time.

The morning was the same old boring, except that I had one of our class cancelled as usual and the  other class was shifted so I came out at 11am itself. Then in the second half I went to the RDBMS lab where I was the third in to finish up the work given. So I gave my notebook to Sanchit Jain, our class representative because he couldn’t do it himself and went back to room expecting him to give me my notebook the next working day. But our RDBMS teacher, with all due respect, Archana Ma’am, took my notebook and said that she will return it after three weeks. Well I am a little annoyed with it; because that is the first time in Manipal I will have to face a teacher in any regards. Well, if it has come to this, I will face it with all my wit and courage. I personally believe that she is trying to make a difference and I appreciate that but it is just not the right way. Anyways, in the evening I expected my crew to accompany me but the situation so turned up that I called up 20 persons to accompany me and everyone had some work to do. So, I was quite afraid to go alone but I did convinced Mantri(my room-mate) and Shashank(my front neighbour) to come with me…

I went to the disc (disco) for the first time in this semester along with my newbie friends and had great fun…

My Sky life
My Sky life


We left our campus at 9:15pm; As we entered the club (Sky Lounge) the complete aura changed and everyone started looking at us. We straight away moved to the counter. All of the girls drank and took tequila shots >1 and then grooved on the music. They asked me twice I want some and everyone knows what my answer would be….NO. So then eventually we moved to the dance floor and started to mix up in the nimbus. Then the boys from around started trying their luck… The one in the black-white checks was pretty arrogant and I am hoping to see him again. Anyways, I even found Sourya Jha, Lochi and Shreekant on the dance floor who helped me open up. This time I even clicked some pics of ours and they have turned up pretty sexy. Then I guess Alle got high and started to dance boldly which was very unexpected, but we had fun. Then I even met Gaurav from SEC who was pretty amazed about me roaming with them. In the meanwhile, I had a lot of dance battles and I put up a great show… at least I would like to think so…lol…We all got all had perm-time to get back to our hostels and so we left at 11:15pm from. Three of the girls and me came in the same auto and Mantri and Shashank came after dropping Anne. Well we all got ourselves in the hostel without getting to write our names as we made some excellent excuses.

Then I came back to my room and celebrated Naman’s b’day. He lives right next to me… He got loads of beating gifted jNaman's Bday 2011ust by Reddy, a friend of his who had come to wish him from a different hostel… Then he cut the cake which was a chocolate truffle and then we got numerous photos clicked. We celebrated a lot and I even slipped trying to pour water on him. The whole celebration got over at 1:30am and then we all went to our room to sleep. Poor Pulkit (Naman’s room-mate) he had was going out of town the same morning at 5am.

So it was a pretty awesome day for me and I couldn’t expect to be better…Thanx everyone for making it such a beautiful day. 🙂


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