Technocratical Society

This techie world of gizmo and gadget

This eerie feeling of incongruous widget

Which gives us pleasure and takes pain

Along with it makes us insane;

Absurdness to such a horizon from where one would never fall

And still people call you “Microsoft—…That’s all”

A teen like me can’t do without a mobile-call

Even though I know it is killing my brain cells, after all;

This techie world of gizmo and gadget

Makes a non-techie guy weird and hollow

The bureaucrat are more concerned about their Sunday meal

Than to serve the poor people whose wounds to heal

Now is the time to for people to ask and for Them to reveal all

Why did Taj, Trident, CST, Nariman got blown away

though Alert were all…

MNS and Thackrey still boast about hurting Indians

Even though keeping army of 5000 North Indians

And losing the favour of Indians in them

But still are the Maharashtrians voting for them:

The BPO and Call Centre are losing trends

Even Jet and rest are making rules bend

The hailing men have nowhere to go

So they have restored to protesting friends and foe

Stop this ongoing row

Sonia!! … do….!!!

Rang De Basanti  does(n’t) show peace

Killing father, drinking alcohol

Smoking cigarettes and boasting all with violence

A  foreigner sets all of them killing

And still the director says “its generation awakening”

                                by–Shantanu Chandra

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